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Adult Education Schedule

April 28 – Social Media Dangers by Ryan Landes

Is your smartphone just a dead brick of light and metal, or does it form your soul?

We live in a digital world, with technology as an ever-present reality in our daily lives. At the same time, some studies suggest that loneliness, depression, and suicide are on the rise. Are these two realities linked? How can it be that we are more connected than ever (online), but still (sometimes) profoundly lonely?

What hope does the Gospel offer our tech-saturated yet unhappy world? Does the Bible have anything to say about how we engage in technology (phones, social media, TV, video games)?

This Sunday we will look at some of the ways that technology forms us and discuss what a Christian approach to engaging it might look like. We will see that the Bible offers us relevant wisdom for navigating the digital world we find ourselves in. And we will discover how the Gospel provides hope and comfort for our souls.

May 5 – Home Discipleship Groups, by Boo Peace and Tory Mackey

May 12 – John Stalvey, John Benson, Mary Grimes