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Hammer Heads Tool Help

The Hammer Heads were given a grant by the Bunnell Foundation to buy some tools and a trailer so that they could continue the great work of building handicap ramps. We have the trailer and are starting to get the tools. We plan on buying the electrical powered workhorse tools but think it would be good to ask our congregation if they have any of the common tools that are also needed.

Everybody has old tools they are not using or have no more use for somewhere in the house or garage. If they could look at the list below and call Walter McElveen (843-237-2431), Bill Brabson (843-458-1353) or David Collins (843-214-0810) we could arrange pickup and use for Hammer Heads.

Here is what is needed:
Pointed Shovels, Post hole digger
Framing Square, Speed Square
Post level, chalk box with chalk
4-foot and 2-foot levels
Leaf Blower, Broom
Crow Bar, Wonder Bar, Johnson Bar
Hammer, Vise-Grip pliers, Hammer, Drill bits
Sledge Hammers both 10 pound and 2 pound.