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Holy Week and Agape Feast

Dear Prince George Family and Friends,

This Holy Week in addition to our daily video offerings, we will be providing the order of service for Maundy Thursday as well as Good Friday.

Our hope is that you will watch the Maundy Thursday service after you have the Agape meal that we will also provide instruction for as well.

The Agape Feast is not Holy Communion, but it is a wonderful ancient and mysterious way for every family to feel connected sharing the same meal and blessings. Take turns saying the prayers, be creative with your foods as this is traditionally a meatless meal. (I know, no meat, what? Please give it a try and if you do I am certain that this meal will be memorable).

Hummus, beans, rice, all the veggies and fruits you can eat and lots of pita bread. Peanut butter and jelly along with your favorite salads are also an option. Snack mix, chips and salsa and mixed nuts. Don’t forget the wine and grape juice for the kids.

After you have enjoyed the meal together, turn on the PGW Maundy Thursday service and listen to the powerful words as well as watch the altar get stripped. It is a memorable night to reflect on.

The Good Friday service will be available for viewing by 5pm Friday and it too should have powerful words and images that remind us all of our Savior going to the cross for our sins.

The Easter Morning service will be up by 8:00AM Easter we hope and hopefully the Lord will bring the joy of Resurrection straight into our quarantined homes and families. Stay hopeful and encouraged my friends, this too shall pass, and we will once again come together to express our love of God and His people in new and grateful ways. In the meanwhile, continue to reach out to others by phone, text or email. The calls and notes I have received have been timely and encouraging.

I love you all and I love being your Rector
The Rev. Gary Beson II, Rector,
Prince George Winyah Church