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Our Rector's Arrival

Our Rector’s Arrival: The Rev. Gary Beson and his wife, Sue, will arrive with their moving van on Tuesday, March 10. His first day in the office will be Wednesday, March 11th, and his first Sunday ‘in the pulpit’ will be Sunday, March 15th. Mike’s last Sunday will also be Sunday, March 15th, providing a bit of overlap between rectors. We will have a reception that same Sunday saying goodbye to Mike and Ellen; hello to Gary and Sue. You know the old proclamation? The King is dead. The King is dead. Long live the King. It’s a little like that with Rector’s, too.

Gary and Sue are moving into the Rectory, of course. The house is getting a lovely refurbishment and some needed repairs. The exterior is also scheduled and budgeted to be painted this year. Our plans are to have that accomplished after the interior is made ready for the Beson’s.