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PGW Pastoral Care and Prayer Needs

Prayer Needs

COVID 19 has brought its share of loss, grief, and stress. The loss, grief and stress of everyday life continues on as well – people are diagnosed with cancer, death takes away the people we love, families endure hardships. We live in a world where we continue to need healing and restoration.

If you have a need for which you would like prayer, the prayer team at Prince George is still here and available to pray with you - in any capacity that you feel comfortable with - a phone call, a virtual prayer time, a socially distanced prayer appointment or a regular appointment.

You can request prayer using the church website, emailing your request HERE or by calling Wynne Peace at 843-222-9338.


Pastoral Care

Pastoral care wants to remind our members that they stand ready, willing and able to serve those members of our church who need visits regularly and/or phone calls, cards and notes. As soon as the "all clear" is given our team is eager to come back to the healthcare facilities and homes that we have been invited to in order to provide the valuable ministry of presence and service. In the meanwhile, If you would like to be on our list of the weekly visited members, or you know someone who needs a call, a card or flowers, please email PGW's pastoral care coordinator, Jennifer Crocker by email HERE so she can reach out to you.