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Preparation for Prince George Parish's 300th Anniversary

The 300th Anniversary for Prince George Parish is in 2021. We are preparing a memorial book to celebrate this major event and need your help.

We are looking for:
• old photographs of the building itself, inside and out
• old photos of family events taken at the church and Parish Hall, inside and out - Weddings, Baptisms, Confirmations, etc. Multigenerational pics are great (i.e. Weddings/Baptisms with Grandparents, parents, and grandchildren
• Cemetery photos
• Stories about the Church, (like in the 1950s when a little fellow leaned against the pew door, went sprawling into the aisle, and the family returned home to find a bill tacked on their door for entertainment during church )
• Ideas and suggestions about what else may be included in the book.

These pictures will be scanned into our computer and returned to you promptly. Also, you are encouraged to scan and email the photos or stories to us at or We hope to use as many as possible and do not guarantee everyone can be used.

We want to complete intake of these pictures by June 30, 2019 so we can begin the long process of putting the book together. We will have special envelopes in the Church office to place your entries with your contact information so they can be returned to you. Please contact the office with questions or for more information at 843-546-4358 or call Muff Boyd at 843-344-8116.