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Shepherd's Ministry

Greetings Prince George Winyah Family
The Pastoral Care Committee is excited to announce the "re-start" of the PGW Shepherd's ministry. Many in the PGW family fondly remember the birth of one of their children and exactly who from the church showed up at their home the next day and what food they brought to welcome the newest member of the family. The memory of caring for each other in times of joy and sorrow plus the need to stay connected in these divisive times was the driving force behind this PGW Shepherds ministry "re-start." Liz Dawson the former 'Head Shepherdess' was thrilled with this news and she looks forward to seeing what the Lord will do in the coming years to draw His people to Himself and His church.

In the coming weeks, shepherd leaders will be emailing, texting or calling folks in their "neighborhoods." Sue and I would like to meet with each small group by this year’s end. Knowing the risks of large gatherings, the small, informal, backyard, drop in “Meet and Greet” with the members in your group and Sue and me, will help build relationships and further the connections at PGW. We will keep social distance, enjoy something cool to drink and maybe even a light snack. After this gathering, the shepherd's groups will primarily focus on our membership from birth to passing.

The new Shepherds groups will, hopefully, become the first contact at new births and the passing away of loved ones in our church. Once a member from the Shepherds group has dropped off a casserole, sent a card or flowers, the Pastoral Care committee will continue providing ongoing love and support. In-reach and Out-reach is what this church will be known for in the coming years. I am convinced that our legacy as a church will be one grounded in gratefulness for all the Lord has done for us and our generations of families.

Below are the names of the Shepherd leaders and their neighborhoods.

David and Tracy Morris - Kensington

Matt and Sarah Springs - Browns Ferry

Caroline Crocker - Plantersville

Hosanna LaMancusa - Wedgefield Group #1

Lee Tiller - Windsor

Mike and Linda Phillips - Country Club Estates

Andy and Jennifer Crocker - Willowbank

Edward and Kathy Kelley - Downtown- East Bay

Tom and Lori Bellune - Downtown- East of St. James

Phillip and Beth Ness - Downtown- Screven/Queen/Cannon/St. James

Brett and Carolyn Baker - Downtown- Broad St.

Glenn and Lindi Brooks - Debordieu Group #1

Aaron and Len Efird - Debordieu Group #2

Hank and Joanne Fitzgerald - Pawleys Island South

Jason and Leigh Boan - Pawleys Group #1

Danny and Kathy Morgan - Litchfield

Please check your voicemails, emails and texts to find out what's coming next in your Shepherd group.

Finally we have 6 neighborhoods without shepherd leaders (Wedgefield #2, Maryville, Pawleys #2, Murrells Inlet, Downtown- West of St. James, and McDonald). If you find that you live in one of these places and feel a nudge to volunteer for a year to be the shepherd leader, the Pastoral Care team sure needs your help.

Contact Jennifer Crocker (843)833-3601 or email Jennifer HERE.

Peace to you all, take heart we live as ones with HOPE