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The 300th Celebration

Dear Friends and Family of Prince George Winyah Parish Church,

2021 will be a historic year for our church as it reaches a rare milestone in the life of Anglican Churches in America. Next year will mark our Church’s 300th year of existence. Our church has a committee of dedicated and passionate members who have volunteered to facilitate the vision for this year long event. Our mission statement for “PGW 300” is:

Celebrating 300 years of the life and ministry of the Parish of Prince George Winyah. Proclaiming the love of God, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit and Uniting with our community, in the love of Christ.

At the front of this event is our Spiritual committee, led by Danny Morgan and Wynne Peace. They have already begun gathering others to pray for God to be glorified in all that we do at this church, with special intention for our 300th year.

Other committees are already meeting and planning for the publication of our beautiful and thoughtful 300th year commemorative book, the details of which will be announced soon. We have special events and guests planned for almost every month of next year. All of this will occur in and around the already busy life of this growing parish. The Liturgical Seasons of Christmas, Lent, Easter and Advent will all arrive with extra intentionality as we welcome visitors and guests who want to “come and see” what the Lord has been and is doing at this historic and generous church.

Lastly, I have the privilege of announcing, that over the weekend, a family of the church has made two donations for the specific purpose of "kick starting" the fund raising for the 300th Celebration. I joyfully and gratefully received on behalf of PGW two checks. The first specifically for the 300th Celebration for $15,000.00 and a second one on behalf of the Historic Preservation Trust for $10,000.00!!!

I want to encourage all of us to thank the Lord for this generous donation and challenge the friends and family of this church to "do likewise" in any and all amounts of threes!!

For example, please take a moment to consider matching this gift with any amount you sense the Lord is leading you to give… amounts like $3.00, $30.00, $300.00, $3,000.00 or $30,000.00.

If our parish can be encouraged to match this initial gift of $15,000.00 then we would potentially have $30,000.00 in the bank by the end of June.

The Committee’s plan is to mail this letter to friends and families that are connected to our church as well as to the other Anglican Dioceses in our state (Bishop Woods and the Diocese of the Carolina's as well as Bishop TJ Johnson and C4SO Diocese). We will also invite them to come and join us next year and encourage them to consider contributing financially to this historic event. I have already reached out to Bishop Alphonso Gadsden and the Reverend Tory Liferidge of the Reformed Episcopal Diocese of the South and will update everyone once I hear back from them.

Great news abounds and I am more encouraged than ever that this event will fulfill the mission of Celebrating, Proclaiming and Uniting people inside and outside of this parish.

Joy to you all this Easter Season,
The Rev Gary N. Beson II, Rector