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Kenya Mission News - April 14, 2022

Dear PGW Family, 
We have reached our goal! On the First Sunday in Lent, we were encouraged in our ‘giving-up-something-for-Lent’ to give up something from our ‘wallets’, our financial wherewithal, to bring clean, safe water to Fred Onyango’s village, the church’s elementary school, and the girls’ high school boarding school (600 students are boarding!). Many of you have done just that!
As we entered Holy Week, we surpassed our goal to raise $80,400—the cost of the water project. Our total raised as of April 14, is $80,835.88. Water Mission International, the Christian engineering firm based in Charleston, has been authorized to proceed with digging the new 500-foot well, adding storage tanks, and piping water to the schools and the village…all solar-powered. What a great blessing for Lent 2022 for us to celebrate.
If more monies are received for this project, it will be earmarked for a second phase of providing solar-powered energy to the school for lighting, fans, and other comforts.  
Thank you for the generosity, kindness, and compassion shown to strangers who are also brothers and sisters in Christ in remote Kenya. Gary, Brett, and Sherry Kucera are departing for Kenya on June 13th, this year to continue strengthening our relationship with the Diocese, the Parish, and the girl’s school. Nine members and clergy from St. Helena’s, Beaufort are also a part of this short-term mission trip.  
We welcome others from PGW to join our three on this important journey. Email Gary Beson for information and details.