For a Christian there can be nothing either more necessary or profitable than the knowledge of Holy Scripture, since in it is contained God’s true word, setting forth his glory, and also our duty. And there is no truth or doctrine necessary for our justification and everlasting salvation, but that is, or may be, drawn out of that fountain and well of truth.” - Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, The Usefulness and Power of Scripture

Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study gathers Tuesdays at 7:15 AM – 8:15 AM to enjoy fellowship around a delicious breakfast and then feast our souls on the Word of God. We study Scripture carefully chapter by chapter, book by book, seeking to hear God’s voice speak into our lives to transform us into further Christlikeness and fill us with His Spirit so that we would go out into the world to live for his glory.

For questions or information email Ryan Landes or Walter McElveen.