The PGW 300th Anniversary Picture Project

Copy of PGW Heart-Shaped Photo Collage-2

We are excited to start celebrating our 300th anniversary at PGW in 2021! Along with all the events planned by the 300th Anniversary Committee, We wantto share 300 images for 300 years,
and we want you to be a big part of it!

 Starting January 1st, we will launch a new initiative on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, where we will share one photo of the church’s rich history for 300 days, and we need your help. Please submit your
favorite photos of PGW—it could be from a personal or holiday celebration ora view into the past from historical photos that your family treasures. 

 We want to show the world the fellowship and community that makes our
church such a special place to call home. 

Participation is easy; please click HERE to email your photo and desired
caption to Hosanna, and keep a lookout on our Facebook and Instagram feeds
for a stunning visual history of 

300 years at Prince George Winyah Parish Church.

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