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Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church Preschool Director - Job Description

Prince George Winyah Episcopal Church Preschool Director

Job Description



Partner with Prince George Preschool (PGP) teachers, family members, school board members, and church vestry members to administer the day-to-day operations of the preschool. The Director shall use as a guide the PGP vision statement:  “Prince George Preschool is a learning, loving, worshipping, serving, and proclaiming school.”



Licensing - The director shall be responsible for keeping a current Department of Social Services (DSS) license, maintaining employee and child records, and passing all necessary inspections. 


Students – The director shall be responsible for enrolling prospective students, providing all necessary registration materials, maintaining all required student records, and ensuring high-quality teaching and learning take place.  The director is the first point of contact for the preschool; therefore, the director will be available to meet parents during the enrollment process and will keep parents and students informed of all school activities and all school calendar changes as they arise in coordination with the public school schedule.  The director will be available to parents and students for counsel, as necessary.


Employees - The director shall supervise employees by recruiting, interviewing, and selecting teachers and assistants for the classrooms, providing for their orientation and evaluation, and ensuring all staff members complete their required SC Endeavors training.  The director is responsible for scheduling cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training, basic first aid, and blood-borne pathogen training.  The director will manage the preschool’s teaching staff and housekeeping staff.  The director will ensure constructive relationships among school employees and between parents and school employees.   



The director shall provide oversight for the operations of the preschool administratively to ensure successful employee management, facility management, and financial management.  The director works with the board to raise and manage donated funds.  



The director responds to the board chair’s schedule of board meetings and is invited to recommend to the board chair items for the meeting agendas.   At each meeting, the director will be prepared to report on curriculum, communication, safety, buildings & grounds, and licensing.  The board chair will request reports on any other topics as the board chair sees fit.



The director/co-director must be at least 21 years old and must meet the South Carolina state licensing requirements for directors.     


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