Sunday Morning Worship at 8:00, 9:00 and 11:00       
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Rector's Covid Update

Dear PGW Family and Friends,                               April 16, 2021

The CDC released new guidelines about cleaning and disinfecting. The most promising piece of the news release was “Disinfectant sprays and wipes should be reserved for indoor settings such as schools and homes WHERE there has been a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 within the last 24hours”.

The Sanctuary and common spaces of our church are being thoroughly cleaned after each event/use and, in some cases, between uses on the same day. We will continue to monitor the CDC website as well as stay in touch with any members who test positive for Covid.

On the heels of these most promising changes in our Covid environment, the Vestry and Clergy wanted to address where we are as it relates to gathering for worship on Sundays.

First, what has not changed:

  • The pandemic is still a real threat to the health of all of us and specifically to the aged and infirm.
  • Anyone experiencing flu or cold-like symptoms should not attend worship. (we are streaming services every week and home communion is still available)
  • The 8 AM and 11 AM services will continue to offer the same socially distant seating that we have been using.
  • RSVPing your attendance is not only necessary but also respectful for those that attend should someone at the service come down with Covid after attending. RSVPing will allow us to quickly get word to those who attended the service.
  • The ushers will continue to open the doors of the church for ventilation, weather permitting, and continue wiping down the pews between the 8-9 and 9-11 worship services.
  • Masks are mandatory to enter or exit the church building. Once seated, if you wish, you may remove your mask. Masks are also mandatory when entering or exiting Sunday School.
  • Congregational singing will still be with masks on.
  • No handshaking, hugging or touching during the “passing of the peace.”
  • Please take everything you bring into the pews outside when you depart.
  • At the 9 AM service, seating is also available for 8 in the Choir loft (2 sets of 4 persons) as well as the back pews in each corner.

Now, to address some slight changes for our growing 9 AM worship. These “TEMPORARY” changes are being implemented at 9 AM only and to insure health safety and maximize seating capacity.

  • Most importantly, please be patient. Ushers and staff will seat people as quickly and orderly as possible.
  • Greeters and ushers will continue to be handing out the bulletins and song sheets out front of the church on Broad street at 9 AM, and children’s check-in will occur outside the door of the Highmarket St. door. That door will be opened when the children head to St. Martha’s
  • The goal for attendance is to average at least 4 persons per box, and now we ask those who have been vaccinated to sit together or with immune family members. The Ushers will no longer be questioning folks as they enter at 9.
  • Communion will continue to proceed at the 9 AM service, starting with the back of the church. The Ushers will signal the congregants from back to front to allow for a smoother process.
  • Continuing like Easter Sunday, two wine communion stations will be used for 9 AM to facilitate the speed of communion and assist with social distancing.
  • Beginning this week, the clergy, Lay readers, and acolytes will process into the church at 9 & 11
  • Beginning this week, the offering plates will be offered by the ushers during the offertory and brought to the altar in thanksgiving. We will also sing the Doxology beginning this week.

Thank you for your attendance and encouragement as the church returns to our new normal. Happy Easter, and let us continue to pray for an end to this pandemic and a return to normal life, worship, and fellowship.

In His Love

Gary N Beson II, Rector Prince George Winyah