PGW Hammerheads 2018-06-09 11.09.15

Hammerheads is program that constructs and provides handicap ramps to our neighbors with mobility needs, at no cost to the homeowner. Hammerheads was created in 2010 when Charlie Ball of Friendship Place asked Bill Brabson if he could put a team together from PGW to address the need. In 2011, Bill enlisted the help of Pete Williams and they committed to build two ramps per year. They now boast a volunteer list of over 30 people, consisting of men and women of all ages.When there is need for a ramp, Bill and Pete will visit the recipient, confirm the need, and layout the ramp. Material is delivered on a Friday and all work is done on a Saturday, (and usually completed by one o’clock!) PGW pays for all materials and again, there is no cost to the homeowner. A generous grant from the Bunnelle Foundation in 2020 enabled Hammerheads to purchase a trailer and stock it with all the necessary equipment needed.

As of February 2022, Hammerheads has built 72 ramps, and, as Bill says, “We can’t wait to celebrate number 75!”

To learn more, or if you are interested in volunteering email Bill Brabson.