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The Preservation Trust was formed to provide a planned program of restoration and preservation for our historic treasure.

Established in 1721, Prince George is one of the oldest churches in continuous use in the United States. Every year sees large numbers of people worshiping in, viewing, photographing, admiring, or otherwise using this lovely old building. And the years add up.

The predictable result of this intense activity is the need for a continuing effort to preserve and restore, to avoid steady deterioration. That is what the Trust is for.

We need your help. Cash gifts of any amount are welcome, deductible, and necessary to carry on this important work. Checks should be made out to The Preservation Trust for Historic Prince George Winyah Church and mailed to The Preservation Trust, PO Box 624, Georgetown, SC 29442. If you have questions or need additional information, please email the Trust at

Wear the prestigious 1721 pin...

When you remember Prince George in your will you receive the prestigious 1721 pin.

As a true endowment fund the Preservation Trust will make income from investments available to the Vestry for the restoration of Prince George Winyah historic church and churchyard wall.

One way the Trust acquires assets is through gifts made by parishioners in their wills. Often this is the easiest way for people to give money, stock or property. The Trust is a long-term financial vehicle (we don’t mind waiting).

When parishioners tell the Trust that they have arranged for a gift via their wills (we don’t ask how much) we give them 1721 pins. We ask that the pin be worn frequently on lapel or dress to encourage other parishioners also to make a gift to the Trust in this manner.

If every parishioner wore a 1721 pin showing a gift to the Trust, just think of the funds that would be available to future generations for keeping the historic church in top condition. This little pin packs a lot of power.

For more information or brochures, please contact a member of the Trust, please email the Trust or write to:

The Preservation Trust, PO Box 624, Georgetown, SC 29442.