Healing Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Ministry Team at Prince George has trained prayer teams available at the 9 a.m. service and other special church events.  Confidential prayer appointments are available to parishioners and those in the community who seek a more in-depth time of prayer and healing.  The Prayer Ministry Team assists Pastoral Care in praying with individuals in the hospital or in their homes.  The team meets monthly for training, fellowship, worship, and prayer.  For more information, email Wynne Peace or call Wynne at (843) 222-9338.

Prayer Ministry Teams:

Intercessory prayer teams are available at the 9 AM worship service.

Intercessory Prayer Lists:
Intercessory Prayer Lists for Bulletin: please make your prayer request known through email at prayer@pgwinyah.org or the church office at 843-546-4358. The Members, Family and Friends list will renew the first Sunday of each month; members of the Prince George Congregation are listed in the Prayers of the People (in the Bulletin). 

Confidential Prayer Requests:
Confidential prayer requests: please email Lee Jones at leejones75@gmail.com or call 843-240-0212

Prayer by Trained Prayer Ministers:
Confidential prayer is available by appointment with Prince George trained prayer ministers. Please call Wynne Peace 843-222-9338 or email prayerappointements@pgwinyah.org to schedule an appointment.